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Reality Scare is proud to release The Incident, the final chapter in our soggy saga. The revealing lyrics and intimate vocal style of Mary Chase are the flashpoint of nine turbulent songs. From the chaotic "Slides of the King" to clattering pop numbers like "Listen" and "These Three Things," The Incident is something very different indeed. And things will never be the same ...

Reality Scare was a dogged fixture on the Chicago music scene throughout the 90's, and weathered many incarnations. The sublime final line-up consists of vocalist Mary Chase, who blends girlish charm with dark and soulful drama, eclectic multi-instrumentalists Clare Rosen and David Sommerfeld, and knob-tweaking cult nexus point and founder Greg Booth. Their curious assemblage of guitar, synthesizer, sampled noise, vocals, and spoken word have resulted in songs that take you through every level of the emotional spectrum and rhythms that keep you there until Reality Scare is ready to move you on. The ensemble attempted to straddle the vast howling gulf between pop and the avant-garde, like some frail rope bridge which daunts all but the most valiant explorers.

Their combination of organic approach and unabashed enthusiasm for technology didn't stop with their music.
Live, the group enhanced their sound with a technological blitz of slides, videos, and props. Over the years, their live venues included the Metro, the Empty Bottle, Club Lower Links, the Elbo Room, Freefest and Lounge Ax. Reality Scare live has been cited as "Chicago's finest synthesis of alternative technoid-pop."

The Incident is the last in a series of releases, including The Feather e.p., the cassettes Electric Blanket Statement and The Aural Cave, and the full-length CD, A Game of Damage. Reality Scare also recorded three songs with Ms. Lydia Tomkiw (formerly of Algebra Suicide) on her solo CD Incorporated (Widely Distributed Records).

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